Week three roundup

New President

These last three weeks have been a hard three weeks to follow on twitter. Regardless of your election preferences, it would have been hard to access twitter without the majority of the tweets on your feed pertaining to our now President. As a result, I often tend to ignore the noise and sift out the articles that have nothing to do with politics, even if they are of less interest to me.

Up next, a series of tweets that I chose to highlight because they aren’t about politics or at least election politics.

Elon Musk, always at it

Elon musk is a productive person. Every time I see an article on him, it’s always about him taking steps forward. To me, he’s a solar powered beacon of hope at the edge of a fairly negative sea. This tweet is more of a career achievement tweet, which is the highest honor I can bestow onto someone that will never know I exist and uses more brain power in a day than I do in a year. A major developer from apple, responsible for their “swift” app development language, has been picked out of Apple’s roster and is now part of Musk’s A-squad of tech leaders.

Apps are ever popular, what’s new?

This article caught my eye because it speaks to me as a college student. Especially the fact that Tinder reached top five revenue earnings this year. I didn’t know much about the app but before this article, I thought it was free for all users and didn’t realize it had such a following outside of campuses. As for the other apps, especially Netflix and Spotify, those don’t surprise me (HBO is up there too), if someone reading this were to walk into my apartment right now, I would place money on the fact that I would be using at least one of those apps, and if not it could be easily arranged.

Olfactory Dating

This is kind of soft news but it caught my eye because of the picture associated with the article. A lot of the smells on this list I have never smelled but the article made me want to go try them. I never associate changing times with smells so it was a unique perspective and maybe something I can try to bond with my grandparents over. A couple of them were climate or pollution oriented, like the smell of diesel byproducts.

Culture versus law

This article brings up an important conversation about the difference between culture and the law, and there is probably some gray area in-between. In summary, in 2012 it was ruled that bullfighting was inhumane and therefore illegal in Colombia’s capital. However, the law has been reversed stating that bullfighting is a cultural staple of Columbia and therefore can’t be unlawful. I’ve always wanted to go to a bullfight, however, the description of how brutal it is to the bulls makes me think that once I saw the fight I wouldn’t need to see it again. I could always just youtube it too.

Colorado Culture

As DU students, we often get caught up in the on campus culture, which has a lot to offer. Yet, I sometimes forget we live in a such a diverse city and state. It wouldn’t be bold to say we are the skiing capital of the world, we have that whole wild western persona thing, the summer moths are some of the best to be an outdoorsy local in Colorado and many lists rank multiple areas in Colorado in the best places to live category. This weekend and next have SIA which is the biggest ski show in the US and is used to get a glimpse at next year’s inventory. Finally, the Western Stock show just came to an end this weekend which marks another year of the nation’s biggest Western tradeshow taking place here in Denver (it was the 111th show!).


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