Final WordPress roundup

Week ten

It’s week Ten, the end of the quarter, which means I have to wrap up with my last set of Tweets from the last four weeks.  Luckily, these are some of my favorite tweets, some are newsworthy and the rest are more entertaining.

Saturn’s moon

This is one of Saturn’s moons, not a playdough ball or a popcorn kernel. It’s strange to me that we are now able to capture photos of planets in other solar systems yet we haven’t seen this yet. I didn’t even know moons could be shaped like this, it may be a good spring break location in 2090.

Close call

During our weekly dart break at the local dive bar around the University of Denver, we mad the decision to take the knife game to the next level and play target practice with my friend’s sausage fingers.

This is one of the craziest videos I have ever taken (it’s really not that crazy). You can see him flinch his finger during the slow motion replay and he basically catches the dart as it comes through. Yikes. Beforehand he practiced poking himself with the dart to see if it would hurt or not on the off chance he got hit.

CPW and Colorado hunters

There is a correlation between hunters and conservation that many people don’t realize exists. Colorado Parks and Wildlife works closely with hunters to maintain Colorado’s biodiversity.

I had no idea what to think of this pitch when I heard of it. Honestly, I thought we were just going to prove that hunting is bad for animals. It was really cool to get to talk to CPW and gain other hunter’s perspectives. The project really changed my opinion.

Land Rover & drones

Land Rover is looking to reduce rescue time in dangerous, remote areas. These Land Rovers have retractable hoods that reveal a drone with infrared scanning to search for lost civilians.

Technology has gotten so out of hand that it’s awesome. Even as a millennial that has grown up with some of the most ground-breaking technology, I still get taken aback just about every day by some new cool thing that someone has made. This day was no letdown. The drone auto takes off and auto lands from the “helipad” on the rescue vehicle, which is convenient and the back is equipped with all kinds of monitors and controls to move the drone through interesting situations.

Education in VR and AR

There is a company (@touchsurgery) that is using VR to teach doctors how to perform certain surgeries. Many companies are beginning to take advantage of rising VR technologies in order to make higher level education more achievable for lower budgeted programs.

I specifically found this interesting because I wrote and article on it earlier this quarter so I feel like this tweet was kind of an update.

Low-fi video stream

This is a huge advantage for Netflix. Believe it or not, there are areas in the United States where cell service isn’t that good nor is there Wifi available. I’m sure most people have actually experienced slow streaming speeds (despite my condescending prose), but this can stream video with a 100 kilobit/second connection.

I’m not sure what a Kilobit per second is but the article assured me it is very fast; a fraction of a fraction of LTE connections that we are used to.

Dine and dash

This isn’t breaking news, but 100 people eating and leaving without paying is kind of impressive. I’m envisioning them slipping off to the bathroom, one by one until the last guy leaves and the restaurant is now empty.

AND they were celebrating a baptism, which doesn’t meet with my expectations of people who dine and dash.


Viewers now watch more than a billion hours of YouTube a day. It’s hard to believe but then again, some days I will watch YouTube for an hour. So I guess someone is picking up the slack on the days that I don’t. We watch 116 million hours of Netflix a day, a number that reflects the limited international availability.

What blows my mind is that YouTube is just one part of Google’s expansive universe.


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