The Tweets of April

I’m about eight days late but I figure I might as well look back at the tweets of April before it becomes June! To keep up with the the trend from my class last quarter, I continued highlighting events in technology and politics as my main “beats” but have started to make an attempt to follow Colorado baseball as well. I’m doing a poor job in remembering the players names but I have an idea of how good they are this year (very good).

Here are some of the goodish ones from April.

Your Information in the Economy

President Trump attempts to make changes to the FCC and FTP regulations that ensure user privacy on the internet.

Our information at the time was up for sale due to the legislative efforts of President Trump.

Mr. Trump was attempting to redefine some communications laws in order to allow data track legal for internet companies, without the user’s permission.

While this change would be good for advertisers, there is the obvious lack of privacy this leaves for private users.

Personally, I always check that box that asks if I agree to terms and conditions without thinking twice, and I want to be in advertising someday which would benefit from this. But in the interest of principal, I still have a gut feeling about this that makes me cringe.

Millennial Footprint

Millennials are moving into the workforce in large numbers. In the business to business sphere, this means that those in charge of marketing to other companies have to know what the generation they are selling to is like.

The article states that 73% of the employees making buying decisions for companies are millennials. To me that tells two stories, one about how marketers have to shift gears and look towards appealing to a new generation.

The other story however is that I still have a change of getting a good job out of college. Since I am a millennial, I know what they like.


I still love Elon Musk, I know he is a little weird and can be a little opinionated, but this is huge news for the technological/environmental/automotive world (Tesla is where those three things collide most directly).

Even if it was momentarily, to have electric cars making such headway is some positive news.

Many complain that Tesla’s valuation is overstated and that it is bound to make a big crash. I would argue though that it has a big price to book ratio because it is more of a tech company than a car company and traditional naysayers are comparing it to other car companies.

Bill Nye

I was really excited about this show. Bill Nye was such a big part of many middle school kid’s education. My hope was that he would bring a nostalgia-appeal to my generations interest in science, tying it in with more serious, relevant scientific findings.

Cliffhanger… It disappointed a lot of people. The science was so watered down, the jokes were so corny that past Bill Nye might be embarrassed and they added many elements that only took away from what Bill should have been focusing on; Science.

Besides all that, I would still recommend watching an episode or two for nostalgia’s sake, there are also some cameos that are enjoyable and the episodes are less than 30 minutes.


I’ve written about virtual reality multiple times on my WordPress, here but I like to stay up on the rising technology because i think it has massive potential in many different markets.

This is Google’s new VR camera, it’s light, more affordable it’s coming out this year.

As a future marketer, I think this has the biggest potential in the ad/marketing space. The new creative forms of advertising that will have to be adopted when VR takes over classrooms, living rooms and shopping experiences (maybe more with augmented reality for that last one) are going to be exiting.

I also think that VR will make the most meaningful difference in the education space, immersing students for much less money into complex degree specific environments.


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