30 Page Design Spread

AdFlow Magazine

This is a ten week project I was working on for a class and I really like how some of the two page spreads came out. It is my first experiment with InDesign as we learned and curated our final projects throughout the quarter.

Everything in this magazine is mine, or at least edited by me; the photos 70’s photos were just photos that I took the background off of and flattened, adding texture and color and I created the 70’s graphics in illustrator.

For the other two spreads I added the textures and created the graphics in Photoshop. At the time I had been playing around with Textures and blending mode so that was much of the inspiration of this theme.

My favorite is the front page which I made using a combination of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I was going for the retro “block breaker” look.

One thing to note is that the text is all meaningless and is more or less related to what was in the room around me when I wrote it, it is more meant as filler. (Also, I did not draw the ads on the last three spreads, rather I grabbed them from old magazines.)

30 Page Spread


30 Page Layout

Feature One30 Page Layout430 Page Layout530 Page Layout7

Feature Two30 Page Layout830 Page Layout1030 Page Layout11

Feature 330 Page Layout1230 Page Layout1330 Page Layout15

Back Spread30 Page Layout16



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